Daniel Mitchell is the Founder and Emperor of the Imperium of Avalon, and once the knight of King Marth. When a race known as the Kallekite attacked Akaneia, destroying the Empire keeping Archanea together, Daniel formed the Imperium of Avalon to restore order.

One of Daniel's companions is Kivat-bat the Second, who, thanks to his Blackspore Orphnoch Nature, allows him to turn into Kamen Rider Dark Kiva.


While Daniel is one to want to do what is right, he sometimes appears quite nervous. He had a slight fear of death, but this fear began to diminish after he arrived in the previous universe he was in. He is particularly vocal about what he's feeling, especially when he's feeling irritation or anger.

With a strong, if somewhat skewed, sense of justice, Daniel seems to have exceptions and conditions for everything: he hates murder, but if the 'victim' was in fact a murderer themselves that killed their killer's loved ones, then he'd be more lenient to the murderer's killer. However, a few crimes, notably rape, have NO exceptions in his books and will always result in murderous anger from him.

He loves electronics and anything relating to them, and has been, more than once, called a computer geek, a name he's actually proudly agreed with.


Daniel initially started out with an average connection to Akaneian Magic. However, when he gained the Essence of an Orphnoch, he gained the abilities of typical Orphnochs, and, due to his power, those of more advanced Orphnochs as well. As a Cobra Orphnoch, Daniel possesses a spitting poison, as well as poisoned fangs he can bite into a person with to poison them.

As Blackspore, Daniel possesses POWERFUL psionic abilities, and the ability to scan any being, given enough time, and add their 'Essence' to the Blackspore. Should he die, Daniel will instead return to the Blackspore Hive Mind, and await the construction of a new physical form.

Daniel was given Warp Powers and Void-based Psionics when exposed to an artifact, while investigating ways to defeat the Reapers.